Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 7 investigation results

Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 7 investigation results

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was once considered as a tough rival that challenged Apple iPhone 7 last year thanks to its exciting features and premium design. However, the Note 7 turned out to be the biggest failure Samsung has ever experienced, as some of handsets began catching fire after Samsung initiated a worldwide release. The fire reports led to a recall of the device before it was officially discontinued.

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Last week, sources said that Samsung would announce its findings after concluding an investigation into the Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire reports on January 23, just a day ahead of Samsung’s official Q4/2016 earnings report. Yesterday, Samsung confirmed that the company would hold a press conference in Seoul to announce the outcome of its Note 7 investigation.


True to its words, Samsung today announced the investigation results, revealing two reasons behind some of Galaxy Note 7 caching fire and overheat. According to Samsung, battery serves as the main reason that caused some of Note 7 units to overheat and problems were found in two different manufacturing situations.

Firstly, Samsung says that the issue was caused by the battery design. Accordingly, a battery casing was too small, which led to “an electrode deflection and incorrect positioning of the negative electrode tip”

Secondly, a manufacturing problem called “abnormal weld spot” led to what Samsung described as an “internal short circuit”. According to Samsung, the investigation involved 700 engineers, 200.00 devices and 30.000 batteries and covered its major manufacturing plants in China and South Korea. Samsung added that the phone design was not the culprit that led to a worldwide recall of the device last year.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 this year. With the investigation outcome now official, Samsung expects to avoid similar incidents in the future. The Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s strategic plan to bounce back after Note 7 fiasco this year.

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