Samsung S Pen: How to use Samsung’s enhanced stylus

Samsung S Pen: How to use Samsung’s enhanced stylus

The S Pen is among the highlights of Samsung-branded phones, offering users a perfect way to speed up their work and customize their device. With the release of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung refreshed the S Pen, expanding its usefulness and giving users a whole world of additional features.

If you just got a new Galaxy Note 8, there are a lot of more things you can do with your new enhanced S Pen. With that in mind, we have created a list of the best tips and tricks that help you master your stylus. Before we get started, make sure you now have a modern version of software update on your device.

  1. S-Pen Air Command

The S-Pen Air command is the gathering place for all of your S Pen features, giving you a glimpse of what you can do with your stylus. You can easily access the Air command center by taking out the S Pen. When the Air command shows up, you should see a list of options, including Screen write, Samsung Notes, and Smart Select. However, the Air command center is not enabled by default, meaning that you need to activate it. If you need help, follow our steps below.

Step one: First off, hit the Air Command icon on the right side of the screen and then tap the Settings icon

Step two: Under the Removal section and then tap When the S Pen is removed

Step three: Now just simply select Open Air Command. Once you do that, the Air Command will be automatically open every time you take out the S Pen.

  1. Quick Notes

One of the best things you can do with your S Pen lies in the ability to make a quick note. In reality, Samsung secretly introduced a nice feature called Screen Off Memo, which allows users to make quick notes without even unlocking their device.

Step one: Hit the Air Command icon using your S-Pen and then select the Settings icon

Step two: Once you are in, all you need to do is turn on the switch for Screen Off Memo. Once enabled, the Screen Off Memo app launches automatically the next time you pull out your S Pen.

  1. Live Messages

The Samsung S Pen is now a bigger deal than you expect, providing them with exciting features that help spice up your life. One such feature is Live Messages. With Live Messages, you can create cool and funny GIFs that can be sent to your friends or family. However, using Live Messages is not straightforward, so if you need help, make sure you follow our steps below.

Step one: First off, hit the Air Command icon using your S Pen and then select Live Messages

Step two: When the Live Messages window shows up, you will be presented with three features, including Pen effects, Pen size, and Color.

  1. Translate languages

The S Pen is getting smarter and smarter over time, making what you do most even easier and better. There is a little handy feature when using the S Pen lies in the ability to translate languages. In reality, you can translate any words to your desired languages. All you have to do is to hover your S-Pen over a word you wish to translate and you should see the translation.

  1. Surf the web

With the S Pen, surfing the web becomes much easier. You can use the S Pen to highlight a word or phrase by simply pressing the tip of the pen. You can also copy and paste text from your websites.

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