Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to pack its own AI Assistant

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to pack its own AI Assistant

There has been an intense competition in virtual assistant market among major smartphone brands in recent years. Apple, Google and Microsoft are all bringing their A.I. technology to their premium products. Samsung seems to join the horde as they today confirmed that they will integrate their own AI assistant with future Galaxy smartphones and they are also planning to expand its virtual assistant to Samsung-branded home appliances and accessories in future. This means that Samsung is now officially entering the market of artificial intelligence and digital assistants, where Apple and Google still dominate.


The confirmation came in a few days following the rumors claiming that Samsung was developing an AI assistant using Viv Labs technology, the company Samsung acquired earlier this year. However, it is still unclear that what Samsung’s new AI Assistant will be capable of, but it seems plausible that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first Samsung device to launch with the new artificial intelligence digital assistant service. According to Samsung, their new virtual assistant will open its door to third-party developers. Samsung’s executive vice president says that third-party developers can attach and upload their services to Samsung’s digital assistant service, which serves as the strategic plan to compete with Apple and Amazon in the space.

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Viv Labs is the company formed by Siri’s founders, so it will be no surprise that Samsung’s new AI assistant uses the same technology that we have already seen with Apple’s Siri. However, Viv’s assistant is widely famous for its ability to form its own programs and understanding complex queries.

Following the permanent production shutdown of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung now focuses on the Galaxy S8 in an attempt to regain its lost ground. According to rumors, the new Galaxy S8 might come with a new and improved edge-to-edge OLED display. Many found these rumors to be somewhat plausible, as Samsung mobile engineer Park Won-sang, last week, said that the Company is investing considerable workforce in developing a new screen technology. Apart from a new AI Assistant, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to pack with longer-lasting battery and enhanced camera capabilities.

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