Snapchat Tips And Tricks For Users

Snapchat Tips And Tricks For Users

Snapchat is a cool chat app, but it’s less obvious features and is constantly being updated, so there are chances that you’ve not yet to discover everything that the app offers. That’s why we’d like to share you some common taps and tricks for Snapchat app.

Access hidden settings

Open the app, swipe down and tap on the Settings icon. Navigate to Additional services > Manage and check the hidden options. They have front-facing flash, friend emojis, permissions, filters. You can also reduce the data consumption when you are heading overseas.

Use multiple filters

After you’ve taken a Snap, simply swipe left to add color filters and do other things. For example, you want to make your Snap black and white, and also want to put the time on it. All you need to swipe to the black and white filter, and then hold the screen > keep swiping to the time filter.

Set up login verification

Basically, login verification is two-step authentication. You will need to add a phone number to your account and go to Settings to enable Login verification. You’ll then receive a code via SMS whenever logging into your account on a strange device.

Add soundtrack to your video Snaps

If you’d like a few audio accompaniments onto your video Snaps, simply launch your music player app, play the tune you want to be in your Snap. After that, switch back to Snapchat and then record your video. You’ll then get your own music video Snap.

Add a profile GIF

You simply swipe down from the top to view your Snap code. Next, tap on the ghost and you can see your mug in the viewfinder. Next, tap on the shutter button and you will take yourself five selfies, which are then turned into a GIF photo.

Verify your email address

If you are a Snapchat newbie, it’s a good idea to check the settings so that you can make sure to have a verified email address. You should also review the new terms and conditions.

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Save battery life & data

Snapchat comes with two major technical flaws; it eats up a lot of battery power, and data. However, there is a way to limit this: travel mode. It lets you disable automatic loading of images and videos. Data and power are only used when something is manually opened. How much data and power this saves you depends on the size of the files you receive and, of course, the frequency at which you open them.

Use Snap Map to find your friends

In the recent updates, Snapchat has introduced a new feature, called Snap Map, which lets you see where your friends are. You can also share your location. With Ghost Mode, it allows you to keep your location private. In any case, when you open the Snapchat app, your location will be updated. To view the map, simply pinch to zoom out. On the map, you can find your friends’ Actionmoji, and then explore other areas.

These are some Snapchat tips and tricks you should do with your app. Let’s know in the comment below.


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