Sony has reduced its Xperia Z5 prices in the UK

Sony has reduced its Xperia Z5 prices in the UK

Less than a week ago, Sony added the new Xperia Z5 line up to its online store for customers in the U.K., and the tech giant is already making some price cuts to make its devices more attractive to customers.

It appears that the company is already listening to criticism from its fans and potential buyers and went on to reduce the prices of its all-new Z5 line up.

The Xperia Z5 Premium, which is the most expensive of the three smartphones – due to its sharp 4K display- is now priced at £629 (about $960) but it used to be £699 ( $1,070). The regular Xperia Z5 is now priced at £549 ($840) down from £599 ($915). The Xperia Z5 Compact, which seems to be a really good device with high-end specs and 720p display, is now priced at £429 ($670) down from £549 ( $840).

Websites like had the reduced prices from day one and that makes us believe that Sony may have listed its devices with incorrect pricing initially. The new prices make the Z5 line-up more attractive to potential buyers and bring the devices in-line with their competitors.

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