Sony unveiled the Xperia Z5 family

Sony unveiled the Xperia Z5 family

Sony gave us all lots to feast out tech loving eyes on today at IFA, after revealing THREE new Xperia smartphones. The Z5 and Z5 compact, for which there has been much speculation, and also the Z5 Premium, which seems to be a completely new addition to the Xperia catalogue.

Also, on a side point (but a very relevant and much discussed side point), it seems that Sony has become the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a 4K screen by launching a device with double the pixel density of the iPhone 6 Plus (go Sony!). This translates to one hell of a lot of detail, and not a level of detail we are used to seeing on the high street.

The phone can also take 4K screen captures when viewing footage (with 32GB built in storage plus a microSD slot able to take up to another 200GB).

Although we were not at the event, early reports are indicating that despite its predeccors issues, the Z5 does not seem to be over heating in user’s hands (a major issue with the Z3+), even when used for a prolonged period (Xperia fan’s can now breath a little lighter).

SteadyShot tech has also been added, meaning that your 4K video content can be captured without a wobble. A significant upgrade. Another new upgrade is the fingerprint sensor power button, which user’s of certain other manufactures smartphones may already be very familiar with, this is a welcome bonus to the Sony family.

The new Xperia Z5 phones are coming with a brand new 1/2.3 Exmor RS 23-megapixel sensor, and a F2.0 G Lens, plus the requisite LED flash. The phones have the fastest autofocus even seen on a smartphone, at 0.03 seconds. All three models feature a 5MP forward-facing camera with 25mm wide-angle lens.

The waterproof Z5 Premium is available in chrome, black and gold, and has an imptressive 3430 mAh battery and will be out in November.  With its 5.2-inch screen the Z5 has a very similar size to Z4, but actually weighs 10 grams more – but you cant notice it. The Z5  and Z5 Compact are also powered by the same Snapdragon 810 processor as the Z5 Premium and they have the same camera technology the only differences from the Z5 Premium are the size of the device, the lack of a 4K display (Z5 has 1080p and Compact 4.6 inch, 720p) , the battery size (Z5 has a 2900 mAh, the Z5 Compact a 2700 mAh ), and just for the Z5 Compact, its has only 2GB of RAM.

The Z5 will be available in white, black, green and gold, while the Z5 Compact in white, black, yellow, and coral. Both the Z5 and Z5 Compact will be available this October, while the Z5 Premium in November.

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