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Google Assistant and ten things you can expect from it

This year, Google unveiled its new personal assistant, Google Assistant. Basically, Google Assistant serves as an upgrade and extension of Google Now, but this time, Google Assistant is smarter and

Google announces an event for September 29

Google has sent out invites for an Android Marshmallow themed event in San Francisco on September 29. At the event we expect to see the announcement of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google’s new Street View app pairs with Ricoh 360-degree camera

Google has just launched a new version of the Street View app that will allow users take their own “photo spheres” and share them online. At the moment it is

Google unveils new logo

Just a couple of weeks ago Google became announced Alphabet and now the company is changing its logo. Google has just introduced a new sans-serif four-colour logo, which is the biggest redesign the company

Project Ara will ‘re-route’ its Puerto Rico pilot launch

Project Ara has published a very confusing series of tweets stating that plans for its modular smartphone could change. This might have to do with the restructure of Google and the creation

BMW owns the trademark for ‘Alphabet’ and Alphabet.com

Google’s co-founder Larry Page has unveiled a surprise restructure, yesterday, with the announcement of Alphabet, a new parent company that owns Google and all other current Google divisions. However, there

Google to create a new parent company called ‘Alphabet’

Google has just announced that the company is planning to create a parent company called Alphabet that will replace Google Inc. Google will be the biggest subsidiary/entity owned by the

Google reveals underwater street views

Google has unveiled 40 new “special” street view images as part of the Google Earth Outreach project which began taking underwater shots in 2012. The aim of the Outreach project

Android Auto System to be offered in Hyundai Cars

If you own an Android Smartphone and a 2015 Sonata Sedan by Hyundai, well, it seems you are in luck. You can now ask your car dealer to download the

Google Debuts Its First Apple Watch App

You could say that the Apple Watch was always going to have a healthy ecosystem of third party apps after its debut in April. Of course some 3500 apps were