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A UK start-up, Netduma, launch a unique router that will shake up the home network industry

Every home has a router, but other than connecting to Wi-Fi, have you ever actually been onto your router’s interface? For most people, the answer is ‘rarely’, if not ‘never’.

When will Windows 10 be released?

According to the latest leaks, Windows 10 will have its release date in the UK at the end of July. The operating system, which will succeed Windows 8, has been

Flex-Card: The First Device to bring Universal Storage to Every Phone and Computer

The Flex-Card, the fourth product created by the Power Company, seeks to bridge the gap of sharing files between different operating systems without connecting to a Cloud based system. “With

Microsoft Edge: Windows 10’s web browser

Microsoft finally has announced the name for  it Windows 10 brand-new web browser. Meet the Microsoft Edge (Forget project Spartan). It seems to have the same minimalist design you saw

Valve expands video game ‘mod’ market by BBC

Game maker Valve has expanded its online store to let players who make modifications or ‘mods’ for games sell their creations. Modifications can make small changes to games or be

Smile Suggest, a Chrome extension that understands when you smile

Smile Suggest is a Google Chrome Extension that uses your webcam to save pages that make you smile. Have a look at the video below to see how it works.

Send directions to your Android phone with a Google search

Sending Google Maps directions to an Android phone just got (much) easier. Google has introduced a web feature that delivers instructions through a simple search.  You just have to search

Everything you need to know about the new MacBook

Everything you need to know about the new MacBook The Apple Watch isn’t the only device selling out fast. The new MacBook also went on sale on Friday and demand

My Top Recommended Email Marketing Software

Simply put, your mailing list is the single most important part of your business. Even bigger than ALL of your social media profiles COMBINED. Seriously! Social media platforms are businesses with

Google search changes will promote mobile-friendly sites

Google is updating its search algorithms to favour websites that work well on mobile devices. Sections of sites owned by the European Union, the BBC and Wikipedia currently fail the