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Google Debuts Its First Apple Watch App

You could say that the Apple Watch was always going to have a healthy ecosystem of third party apps after its debut in April. Of course some 3500 apps were

Apple Preparing In-Store Pickup Option for Apple Watch

If you’re in America or any other Apple Watch Launch country, then some good news is coming your way! The option for an in store pick up has been added

Apple launches program for third-party Watch strap makers

Apple has just launched its “Made for Apple Watch” program and provides makers with a list of design requirements to follow, similar to its “Made for iPhone” program for accessory

Samsung released an Apple-Like Design Video for Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung released a new video on its YouTube channel called “Designing Possible”, describing the design process of the brand new Galaxy S6 Edge. The video reminds of an Apple video

Videos Showcase Apple Watch Launch Lines, Teardown and More by MacRumors

Today is Apple Watch launch day in the United States and eight other first wave launch countries, and many customers around the world are busy setting up their new smartwatch

iFixit Posts Apple Watch Repair Manuals for Battery, Screen and More

iFixit has just released repair manuals for the Apple Watch. The manuals released cover most of the Apple Watch components including the battery, screen, adhesive, and NFC antenna. The guides

Apple Offers to Developers a Chance to Buy Apple Watch With Guaranteed April 28 Delivery Date

Apple today started sending out emails to random iOS developers offering them to buy an Apple Watch Sport 42mm with blue band and guaranteed delivery on April 28. It’s unknown

Garmin Vivosmart Review

There are smartwatches like Pebble and Apple Watch and there are also fitness trackers like Misfit Shine and then there is the Garmin Vivosmart which combines the best of both

You will soon be able to rent an Apple Watch

Your not sure if you want to buy an Apple Watch?? You will soon be able to rent one from Apple Watch Lease. CNN interviewed  Zak Kidd, who is the

Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X Glass Display Cover Subjected to Scratch Test in New Video

Earlier this month, a video surfaced showing the incredible scratch resistance of the sapphire crystal display cover used in the stainless steel and Edition Apple Watches, and now another video