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YouTube’s video player just received a UI update

YouTube just started making available design update that makes its video player  transparent. The player still functions like YouTube’s old black bar panel, with some minor differences:  the controls are larger and

YouTube brings 60fps support to Android and iOS

YouTube has finally brought support for 60 frames-per-second videos on iOS and Android. YouTube already supports 60fps on desktop and laptops and the same feature is now available on smartphones

Youtube Analytics reveals some intresting music facts

I heard about this and had to share it with you… Youtube’s new analytics tool has revealed some surprising secrets in the world of music!  The tool, called Music Insight,

YouTube will stop working on old Apple TVs & other ageing devices this May

YouTube has recently announced that it will be closing down its  apps on a number of old devices the upcoming May. The move will affect the second and first generation

YouTube reportedly testing new video player design

Google is reportedly testing a new YouTube video player that seems to be influenced by mobile video players, a new report suggests. The player features transparent playback controls overlayed directly on the