Tattoos Can Cause Apple Watches To Malfunction

Tattoos Can Cause Apple Watches To Malfunction

Some users are posting online that their Apple Watch acts strange when worn on a tattooed arm. The heart rate sensor wouldn’t read their pulse, and the watch is not recognising direct contact with skin.  This causes some apps to stop working and the device repeatedly asks for the passcode. iMore has decided to perform a series of tests to confirm if  tattooed wrists affect Apple Watch’s function.  “We’re inclined to agree with those early reports,” the publication writes, “if your tattoo happens to be a solid, darker color.”

iMore discovered that dark colors such as black and red affect the device most to the point that the watch can’t even register being in contact with skin. Lighter colors cause some heart rate misreadings, as well, but otherwise the Watch works as normal. It makes sense when you think of how the sensor works.The Apple Watch flashes green LED lights hundreds of times per second. Since red blood absorbs green light, the device can detect the amount of blood flowing through your pulse when the LEDs flash. The ink blocks the light and hinders the sensor’s ability to detect skin and the amount of blood flowing underneath.

You can  choose to switch off “Wrist Detection” to prevent the device from asking for a passcode every time the screen comes on. However, if you do that it also switches off Apple Pay. We have to wait but i don’t think an update can fix the issue.

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