The new Google Wallet app hits Google Play Store

The new Google Wallet app hits Google Play Store

Google Wallet serves as  Google’s big step into the payment service market. Despite a limited availability (US only), Google’s payment service ranks among the most used payment methods in the world. Basically, Google Wallet allows you to send and receive money from your mobile device or computer at no cost. You need to link your debit card or bank account with your Google Wallet account to make peer-to-peer transactions.


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Beside that, you can use the physical Google Wallet Card that lets you make purchases in stores. Unlike Android Pay, Google Wallet is available for both Android and iOS. Last year, Google has revamped its Wallet with better looking UI and some new features including the ability to send money to others via an email address or cash out money left in the wallet.

The new Google Wallet is now officially available in the Google Play Store as a new download. US users now can deposit or withdraw money for free. The old Google Wallet will stay on your home screen even after you have downloaded the new Google Wallet app.

The new Google Wallet will challenge other competitor services including Square Cash and Venmo. According to Google, it will replace the old Google Wallet app with Android Pay, a digital wallet platform that allows for in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on Android devices. Android Pay has been accepted at more than 700,000 US retailers. However,  Android Pay uses NFC payment capabilities that disable its possibility to launch on iOS.

The main difference between Google Wallet and Android Pay is that Google Wallet allows users to split bills for shared expenses like food, gas, and other commodities. Google Wallet is all if you are one of those wanting to use Google’s payment service. Google Wallet is a great service that makes your transactions much easier and quicker.

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