The next Apple Watch is rumored to feature a video chat camera

The next Apple Watch is rumored to feature a video chat camera

The first Apple Watch have only just reached stores, but that isn’t stopping new rumors about the next generation watch.  A new rumor suggest that the next generation Apple Watch will feature a video camera that will give you the ability to have a face-to-face chat just from your wrist.

The face-to-face video call will be a big thing especially if it does not require a connection with an iPhone. You will probably still need to user your iPhone for syncing and updates, but the Watch is also rumored to get a new WiFi chipset that makes it even more independent . You will have the ability to message and make FaceTime calls without worrying about your phone that you left at the other end of the house.

The leak does not make clear if any other major updates will come with the new Watch,  however, the leak also suggests that the second generation Watch might offer a better battery life (but you might not get a Pebble-like 7 day battery life). The second generation Apple Watch will probably arrive in mid-2016 and thus Apple has plenty of time to consider more impressive upgrades.

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