Tips to Improve PUBG Mobile Performance In Low-End Android Devices

Tips to Improve PUBG Mobile Performance In Low-End Android Devices

Although PUBG on PC is estimated to be very poor for optimizations, the mobile version is rather optimized and runs pretty smoothly on most of the modern devices. But if you’re using an older device to play PUBG, you might have faced occasional frame drops while playing the game. While a few frame drops and there aren’t a lot of a big deal, in competitive games the frame drop could result in death, which leads to the failure. So, in this post today, we will show you some tips to improve PUBG performance on your low-end Android phone by just editing the config files or installing the GFX Tool app. Let’s see!

Edit Config Files To Improve PUBG Mobile Performance

(For non-rooted devices)


First, you need to download two files below:


  • Once you’ve installed a root file explorer on your phone, your next mission is to locate the PUBG Mobile UserCustom.ini file. It can be found under:

Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Config/Android


  • Now, open the file to edit values. To do so, you will have to change its extension to .txt and open it with notepad. For the ES File Explorer, there is an option available that allows opening it with the built-in ES Note Editor.


  • You will see a bunch of number and letters. This is the place that PUBG Config Converter comes into play. All you need is copying values written after +CVars=, and then paste them, within the top bar. Next, select decode.


  • The converter will now decode the entry and you can start editing the values. You should only the values relating to the performance, such as quality, shadow, refraction, some others.


After you’ve edited the values, you need to copy the new setting and then encode it once again. Next, paste it exactly into the place where you copied it from.

Repeat the process several times to change all the settings so that you can get the best performance on your low-end smartphone. Here are a few settings you can change, along with the associated values. See the image below.


Now open the game again and enjoy your battles without dropping frames.

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Use GFX Tool App To Improve PUBG Mobile Performance

(For rooted devices only)


  • Your Android device must be rooted
  • GFX Tool App (download)

This method, which is only for rooted devices, is pretty simple and straightforward. All you need is using an app called GFX Tool, which can be downloaded from the link above. Once you’ve installed the app, simply follow the given steps to improve PUBG performance on your Android device:

  1. Unlike the method for non-rooted devices, the GFX Tool app comes with a simple interface for adjusting the PUBG graphics settings.
  2. Configure the GFX Tool as the image below and just tap the ‘Accept’ button. The button will then switch to ‘Run Game’, and you can tap on it to directly go into the game!

image below

If you don’t like the recommended settings, you can also play around with the individual settings and find the most suitable ones for you.

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