Tips to install apps on a separate drive on Windows 10

Tips to install apps on a separate drive on Windows 10

90Windows 10 is the best-optimized desktop operating system Microsoft has ever released. There is no doubt that Windows 10 does a lot of stuff better than its predecessors. Basically, Windows 10 comes with tons of new features and changes, while perfectly combining the best aspects of Windows 8 and Windows 7.

However, one of the most annoying things when it comes to Windows 10 is that Windows Store and traditional desktop apps will be installed on your primary computer’s hard drive (C:)  by default. This will put a lot of pressure on your hard drive, especially if you happen to have a low-end device with a very limited local storage.

Fortunately, Windows 10 allows you to change the installation folder for both apps you download from Windows Store or Win 32 apps.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to install apps on a separate drive on Windows 10.

Steps to install Windows 10 Store apps on a separate drive

Step one: First off, you are supposed open Settings on Windows 10. To do this, right-click the taskbar and select Settings from the list

Step two: Once you are in, you simply need to click on System and then select Storage from the list on the left hand side

Step three: You are now supposed to select the new drive location under News apps will save to option

Once you are done, all the future apps you download from Windows Store will end up installed on your preferred location on your computer.

Steps to move Windows Store apps to another drive on Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to easily move all of your Windows Store apps you have downloaded to your device to another location. Here is how you can do that.

Step one: Launch Settings on your device and click on System to proceed

Step two: Once you are done, you simply need to click on Apps & Features and select the app you want to move to another location

Step three: Click the Move button and choose your preferred location. Once you are done, click Move again to confirm

Steps to install desktop apps on a different location

In reality, you cannot move desktop apps to another location on your computer unless you uninstall and re-install them. However, most of today’s apps offer you an option to install it on a separate drive during setup. So, all you need to do is to locate your preferred destination folder every time you install a new app on your computer.

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