Top 5 Android apps to create unlimited wallpapers

Top 5 Android apps to create unlimited wallpapers

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One of the features that Android users favor is the ability to customize the interface as desired. However, customization doesn’t mean users have to install a theme or root their device to make it more perfect. This is made simple by changing the current wallpaper with a new and stranger one. It is true that wallpapers add a smart look to your Android device thereby helping it to be more vivid and attractive. But there always exists a limitation on how many wallpapers you can access using an app and you have to use a single wallpaper twice, meanwhile, you want to view a new wallpaper every day (or even every minute). But not to worry, you can download an Android app that allows you to produce unlimited wallpapers based on a specific pattern. Now we will offer you the latest first apps with a variety of fresh wallpapers.

  1. Material Wallpapers: Infinite

If you are a big fan of material design and want to have fresh and new wallpapers in your Android phone, we highly recommend you to download the app Material Wallpapers: Infinite. With this app, you can add your name and can present your name based wallpaper. Plus, you can configure pattern style, color and schedule wallpaper to change in very minute.


  1. Tapet – Infinite Wallpapers

With this app, you can either choose a random wallpaper or customize each wallpaper. With free version, you can’t control over what patterns you can generate, therefore, it would be better for you to select the Pro version to have access to all the patterns.


  1. PolyGen – Create Polygon Art

If you are interested in Polygon art, PolyGen would be a good choice. The app helps you generate polygon art with an awesome collection of colors and patterns every time. Plus, the app offers a feature enabling you to draw and move the individual vertices to produce your own unique polygon art based wallpaper. Also, if you want to create quickly, you can use the feature Randomizer to generate random images.


  1. Wallpaper Generator

Wallpaper Generator is an all in one app which allows you to choose patterns from various classification to produce more wallpapers. You can generate from material design, textures, etc. The app also offers you the ability to edit the pattern you just created.


  1. Tapet™ – Infinite Wallpapers

Tapet (an old word for “Wallpaper”) serves as a first of its kind app which automatically creates high-quality wallpapers. In addition, the app helps you produce a wallper hourly or daily. The app doesn’t download any image from the internet, everything is quickly produced in your phone.


That’s all about to create unlimited wallpapers with these 5 Android apps. It can’t be more perfect when you can produce infinite number of unrepeatable beautiful wallpapers.

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