Top 5 Gadgets for Health and Fitness You Must Know

Top 5 Gadgets for Health and Fitness You Must Know

In an era where almost everything you come across can kill you, the issue of keeping fit is of concern. Just when you thought drinking water was a sure way to be healthy, you are told that you also need to do a lot more than that. For example, sticking to a healthy diet is also a necessity. Add exercise to that list too. With a lot of things going on, you need a way to track your fitness and health habits. Lucky for you there are a lot of available newest gadgets that will help you do just that. These are life changing gadgets (in a positive way) and it’s essential that you know them. The top 5 include:

  1. Mio Alpha 2

It is an awesome gadget that keeps track of all your workout activities. It picks up information about your heart rate as you exercise, your speed, calories burnt and distance covered. Unlike most devices, the Mio Alpha 2 does not need to sync the information to your smartphone for you to be able to see the results; far from it. You access the info on the gadget’s screen. This is more convenient for most people since you are able to get the info right there and then. You can easily monitor your progress. This gadget is quite a worth deal.

  1. Muse Headband

Every once in a while we are caught in all the dramas of this life. Problems arise in our midst and we are required to solve them. Depending upon the situation, you may tend to feel a little bit overwhelmed by everything, leaving you totally stressed out. Depression and anxiety is not an option in this life. You need something to help you keep them away. This is where the Muse Headband comes in. This device acts like a brain sensor. It relieves stress from you by stimulating some calming exercises in you. It works on the same principle like yoga, only faster. It helps you detach from the surroundings and focus on your inner self, making you calm and stress-free.

  1. FitBit Charge

It is a smart gadget for monitoring your workout Progress. It works just like the Mio Alpha 2; only with a few adjustments. For example, it syncs the information collected to your Smartphone. Also, since it’s connected to the phone, it has a caller ID such that you can be able to tell who is calling you even if the phone is not with you. The gamification features, found in this wonderful device lets you compete with friends whenever you are working out. Also, it acts as a sleeping buddy as it helps in monitoring your sleeping patterns. It’s just a combination of a lot of benefits in it.

  1. Lumo Lift

This is a posture-correcting device. If you search for spine information, you will realize that most people are developing some dangerous conditions simply because they have adopted a wrong posture. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is a very common cause of spine-related conditions. The Lumo lift device is worn on the chest and reminds you often to adjust your stance in the event that you are not upright. It does so by vibrating every time you slouch. It is also used to count the number of calories that you are burning and tracks your steps. Connect it to your phone to see the data collected.

  1. Wellograph

With its large screen, you can view your daily progress in terms of graphs and other related models when synced via Bluetooth to your phone. It acts both as a heart rate monitor and a fitness tracker. In the event that you are using all the sensors incorporated in it, the battery is sure to last you a cool two weeks. Otherwise, if you are using it strictly as a watch, then the battery will last you three months. With about 330 dollars, you can acquire this amazing device.


Technology has come to ease the many problems we face in our lives. Just when we start thinking that a certain action is so hard to perform, bam! Technology shows up and solves it. It’s an amazing way to make life easier. The health sector is embracing future technology at a fast rate just like all other sectors. Lots of equipment are being made every day to help in curing the diseases that are bothering man. Radiography machines are now everywhere, equipment that were nothing but a dream in the yester years. Technology has evolved now to a personal level. There are plenty of gadgets that will help you keep your health and fitness in check. The above gadget are just but some of them.


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Daisy Grace is a freelance writer, who loves to write on various topics related to technology and gadgets. She also loves to write on health issues. She is a long-time native from Oklahoma, USA. Recently she is researching about latest wearable gadget news. Daisy’s purpose and passion lies in facilitating one, who deserve good health, happiness and self-love.

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