Top 5 Messages features in iOS 11

Top 5 Messages features in iOS 11

With iOS 10, Apple added tons of new features to its Messages app, offering users a wide range of options to spice up their conversation. In iOS 11, the Messages app takes what we have loved since the days of iOS 10, while introducing some great features. However, some of messages features in iOS 11 may be unknown to many folks. Don’t panic because we are here to help.

To help you get the most out of iOS 11 Messages app, we have compiled a list of the best new Messages features for your iPhone. Before we begin, make sure you are now running iOS 11 or newer. If not, update your device first.

  1. New screen effects

In iOS 10, Apple introduced brand new bubble effects, offering a new way to spice up your messaging thread. This year, iOS 11 adds a lot more fun to your conversation. There are new effects for your iPhone and iPad like Slam, Loud, Gentle or Invisible Ink. You can also turn your screen to lasers, balloons, fireworks or shooting stars.

To add bubble effects to your messages, launch the Messages app, and then head to your existing conversation or create a new one. After that, enter the message you wish to send and perform a 3D Touch firm press on the Send button. Select the Bubble tab at the top and tap on the effect you wish to apply and then hit the Send button.

  1. Apple Pay Cash

In iOS 11, Apple Pay Cash is finally here following months of beta testing. Apple Pay Cash is Apple’s peer-to-peer payment service which allows you to pay your friends over iMessages. If you need help, you can follow our steps below. Before we proceed, make sure you are now running iOS 11.2.

Step one: Launch the Messages app and head to any conversation

Step two: Next up, hit the App Store icon and then tap on Apple Pay icon

Step three: Once you are in, hit the dollar sign and enter the amount you wish to send via iMessage. After that, hit the Send button and authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID.

  1. Sync Messages in iCloud

Messages on iCloud serves as one of the highlight features for the built-in Messages app. Basically, the feature allows users to sync all of their messages to iCloud and access them across multiple devices.

To enable Messages on iCloud in iOS 11, launch Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud and turn on the switch. If you own a Mac, open Messages > Preferences > Accounts and check the box next to Enable Messages on iCloud.

  1. 3D Touch to share links

iOS 11 includes a lot of little handy things that make what you do most much better. One such thing lies in the ability to share links using 3D Touch. All you need to do is to perform a 3D Touch firm press on the link inside your messaging thread, then slide your finger up the screen and hit the Share button.

  1. Silence notifications

In iOS 11, Apple introduces a dedicated silence mode for its Messages app, dubbed Hide Alerts. The coolest part is that the Cupertino company also added a shortcut to turn off notifications for any message thread. To mute specific conversations, swipe left on any conversation and then hit “hide alerts”.

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