Top offline RPGs for iPad

Top offline RPGs for iPad

1. Fearless Fantasy

“Fascinated by the odd things”, that’s what players commented on the interesting role-playing game – Fearless Fantasy. Even though it was released on PC long ago, Fearless Fantasy seems to fit well on touchscreen thanks to the swipe and tap mechanics.

1- fearless fantasy

In this game, you take on a role of the bounty hunter Leon who fights against monstrous beasts of the King to save the young girls from the arranged marriages. The dramatic, thrilling but exciting turn-based role-playing battles are what you can find in Fearless Fantasy.


2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a portable update of Final Fantasy Tactics first released on the PlayStation in 1997. This game was remade on PSP in 2007, and then the Android version was released in Japanese market in 2013, but now it has been widely available.

2- Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions

The battles in the game appear very exciting and dramatic but they depend on the flexibility of the team members. Players always have to do their utmost when they almost fail. Wasting a spell can also bring an advantage to the enemy because you will not have enough the mana needed. In addition, if you are not careful with the moves you make, you may harm your comrades because you cannot postpone the attack once you have carried it out.


3. Final Fantasy VII

After nearly 20 years, Final Fantasy VII has come back and continued making fans excited. According to Square Enix, the core reason why they cannot make Final Fantasy VII available on the mobile platform is that its size is too large. But fortunately, Apple has increased the size limit of apps on the App Store from 2GB to 4GB, and Square Enix has got ready for seizing this chance.

3- fantasy VII

The new Final Fantasy VII version on iOS still keeps its features from the original version on Console or PC. Some slight differences between them are that Final Fantasy VII serves as a mobile version and all actions of players will be taken through the touchscreen. For fans of Final Fantasy series, that is enough to satisfy their passion. However, to be compatible with mobile devices, now the images of the game are not beautiful and majestic.


4. Hero Emblems

Hero Emblems is a JRPG game associated with many unique features: Side-Scrolling beat’em up and Match-3. There’s a full story in Hero Emblems, of four royal heroes journeying across the world in order to stop an encroaching evil.

4- hero

The plot is quite impressive. Three thousand years ago, the God of evil dominated the Shayara Kingdom. Fortunately, there were four different heroes with their own special power: healing, defense, physical attack, or magical attack. They defeated the God of Evil and his minions. The 4 heroes’ strength has been passed down through generations.


5. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is an offline game built on the original game – Icewind Dale, it was released in 2000. This role-playing game takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Players will be involved in melee combats and the venue is the arctic region Icewind Dale.

5- ice wind

For those who got attached to Dungeons and Dragons with the PC version from the early years, this will be a great experience with many new features on the mobile version. It’s good to explore the treasures deeply buried underground, excavate the ancient ruins of the monsters in dungeons or get lost in a different world when you’re traveling to space center, etc.


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