How to Transfer Data from Old PC to a New Mac

How to Transfer Data from Old PC to a New Mac

Transferring the data from an old PC to a new computer can be a headache, especially if you switch from PC to Mac. Fortunately, there are several ways to do so, and you can set up your new Mac and make it ready to go.

There are various methods to transfer data from your old Windows computer to your new Mac. You could copy your files to an external hard drive and then manually move them into your new device, set up a shared network between your two computers, or sync them up through a cloud storage account. There is a Windows Migration Assistant tool, which is created by Apple for this purpose. Both computers will need to be connected to the same network if you want to this tool. Here’s how to use the Windows Migration Assistant tool to transfer your files from the old PC to your new Mac.

Step One: Prepare Your Windows Machine

To get started this process, you should prepare your Windows computer. Launch your favorite browser and then visit Apple page located on Apple’s official help database that is linked to the Windows Migration Assistant application for each of the MacOS version currently on your Mac. All you need is to install this tool on your Windows computer.

Select the correct download for the current MacOS version on your new machine and then click on the link to go to the download page. From there, click on the blue “Download” button.

After you have downloaded the Migration Assistant tool, close any opening Windows apps, and then run the Windows Migration Assistant tool by double-clicking on it. In its window, click on “Continue” to start the process underway.

When a code appears shortly, leave your PC on the next screen. But you should not worry.

Step Two: Get Your Mac Ready

Once you are done with your Windows computer, switch on your Mac. Next, open the Mac Migration Assistant tool found in the Utilities folder. It’s an inbuilt feature.

After you open up Migration Assistant on your Mac and click on “Continue,” all apps on your Mac will then close, so you should proceed before doing so.

In the next screen, select the option “From a Windows PC” to transfer data. After that, click on “Continue” at the bottom of the window.

You will see a passcode on your Mac and your PC will also show up the same code on the Migration Assistant interface. The screens will look identical when both machines are running.

Next, click on “Continue” on your PC first and then do it on your Mac.

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Step Three: Select Data to Transfer

After clicking on “Continue,” the Migration Assistant on your Mac will now start scanning for a list of files for transferring to your new device. Once done, it will show you all the files on the screen, separated by users. Simply choose the data you want to transfer and then click on “Continue.”

After doing so, the process will now start, and it will show you an ETA when done. The process will take a while to complete, depending on the data you’re transferring. When done, the Assistant will notify you.

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