Twitter launches new tools for filtering and muting harassment

Twitter launches new tools for filtering and muting harassment

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks out there. Twitter allows users to post and interact with messages called Tweets, which are restricted to 144 characters. Twitter has now more than 300 million monthly active users, making it one of the toughest competitors in the industry.


However, Twitter has long been criticized for being a land of hate and harassment. In reality, Twitter has been rolling out updates in an attempt to fight against the harassment, hate speech and sexual content. Earlier this month, the social network released changes that would allow users to remove abusive tweets, while making it much harder for users who have been banned for abusive behavior to create a new account.

It appears that Twitter doesn’t want to stop fighting against harassment and abuse. Today, the social network rolled out new features tied to muting and reporting abusive behavior. Accordingly, Twitter now allows its users to stop receiving notifications from a specific thread without even removing the thread from their timeline. Besides, the new mute tools also let users silence accounts without verified email addresses or phone number. Noticeably, you now can mute tweets that include certain words or phrases you’d consider abusive.

From now on, when you report content for harassment, an in-app notification will appear and indicate that your reports have been received by Twitter and notifies you if Twitter takes action against reported offender.

According to Twitter, it will roll out new features for users in the coming days and weeks, and the company still has things to do ahead of the public launch. Previously, Twitter was criticized for being too slow to respond to harassment reports unless they were tagged by celebrities or public figures. Today’s new features will likely serve as Twitter’s strategic plan to regain its reputation from users worldwide.

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