UK Apple Pay transactions will be limited to £20

UK Apple Pay transactions will be limited to £20

Apple Pay is finally launching in the UK as it was announced at the WWDC Developers conference. After the announcement questions over the way the service will operate immediately surfaced. Its is clear that transactions will be limited to just £20, which is the same limit that contactless bank cards enjoy. After the announcement Apple stayed relatively quiet but has finally release a new FAQ to clear up what exactly will happen when Apple Pay will launch in July.

Apple Pay will work with all contactless terminals currently used by thousands of retailers all over the UK. The problem is that customers will be forced to stay under the £20 limit but the it will rise to £30 in September. The service is built from the ground up to work beyond those limits, but retailers will have upgraded their hardware to support a technology known as “Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method”.

Apple Pay is as simple as holding your iPhone or smartwatch close to a contactless terminal and then using Touch ID to authenticate the transaction.

Apple stated that by this fall, Apple Pay will work with nearly 70% of credit and debit cards in the UK.


Apple also said that over 250,000 locations across the United Kingdom, including some of its top brands, are ready to accept Apple Pay on launch.




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