Unknown LG handset leaked

Unknown LG handset leaked

New photos of an unknown LG device have been leaked. The photos are coming from one of the most famous leakers Steve Hemmerstoffer and have their roots from the Chinese regulator TENAA.

The device appears to have a ‘V’ logo on its back cover. There isn’t a line of LG phones that sports the “V” moniker, but at the same time LG might be planning the creation of a new line up.

Earlier this year a report from the Korean Herald suggested that LG is planning a device that will “stand above” the G series, as the Korean company might be planning to compete with Apple and Samsung. The report also revealed that the new series will likely be priced over $90o (about £590),  have higher specs and be available in second half of 2015 (any time now).

Everything is on the table at the moment but rumors suggest an LG G4 “Note” with a larger screen and  hignt-end specifications is expected.

The phone on the leaked picture appears to have a removable back cover, laser focus and dual LED flash. This could be the high-end smartphone from LG, it could just be a new variant of the G4 or it could be something completely different.

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more information on the mysterious LG device.

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