How to Use Windows 10 Game Bar and DVR game capture

How to Use Windows 10 Game Bar and DVR game capture

Game Bar in Windows 10 versions allows you to do many things such as screenshot, recording, and streaming directly from a game without external software. And in the latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft has brought a speed improvement as well as a number of new features for Game Bar. Here’s what you should know.

How to enable the Game Bar on Windows 10

First of all,  you should make sure the Game Bar is enabled on your computer. It is turned on by default, but here’s how you can find it.

  1. Go to Settings menu by clicking the cogwheel icon from the Start menu.
  2. Choose Gaming in Settings Menu.
  3. Select Game Bar.
  1. Make sure it’s already toggled On.

From this menu, you can also customize as well as review the hotkeys for the Game Bar. It’s worth knowing where they are.

Use Game Bar buttons in games on Windows 10

The Game Bar can be enabled just by pressing Windows + G keys or the Xbox button on a connected Xbox controller. Pressing Windows + G keys will open an overlay bar that gives you an access to various functions and features.

Functions of Windows 10 Game Bar buttons

Enabling the Game Bar will go of your mouse cursor from the game. You can mouse over individual controls and see their hotkeys. Here is an overview:

  • The cogwheel allows access to additional settings.
  • The Game capturing section offers quick access to capture controls.
  • The camera icon implies the screenshot button.
  • The recording symbol with an arrow is for clip capture. Click on this to record the previous thirty seconds from DVR buffer
  • Click on the recording symbol to start a recording.
  • The broadcast symbol allows streaming a connected Mixer account.
  • The Show all captures button shows up the folder that stores your captures.
  • The Audio section lets you control the sound mix of numerous sound devices.

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Configure Game DVR

When coming to recording and taking screenshots with Game Bar, you can also tweak a number of settings in order to improve your experience. Here’s a rundown to find them.

  1. Head to Settings menu by clicking on the cogwheel from Start Menu.
  2. Choose Gaming in Settings Menu.
  3. Click on Game DVR section.

Now, in the Game DVR settings menu, you can then configure the following things:

  • Change the location of captures.
  • Set the DVR to retain background recording to capture recent moments.
  • Change settings when background recording is maintained.
  • Change audio recording settings like mic levels.
  • Adjust video capture quality, such as resolution and frame rate.
  • Turn on/off cursor capture in videos.

Game Bar settings within games

When you are in a game, there are a few settings within the bar to get it more convenient. To do so, follow these steps below

  1. Open the Game Bar by pressing Windows Key + G buttons at once
  2. Click on Settings cogwheel.

From there, change quick settings, such as the color, background recording, microphone audio, and many other things.

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