What are new changes in iOS 10 beta 4

What are new changes in iOS 10 beta 4

Apple today has officially released the latest beta version of the iOS 10. The beta is just for developers, but that does not mean that people cannot install the update for their iDevices.

With beta builds, Apple continuously tweaks some apps, adds some new features, and removes unnecessary aspects of the software for the performance improvement, and the security enhancement. Unlike the third developer beta that is no different, a series of new features have been added in the fourth beta version of iOS 10.

Let us see what is new or changed in the iOS 10 beta 4.

  • 100 new Emojis


The beta 4 update will include over 100 new and redesigned emojis. It also comes with ,  several tweaks, which brings in new male and female emoji.

  • Haptic Feedback

The Haptic Feedback for manual lock has been removed. It was added in the third beta version of iOS 10 and used when locking the device by pressing the Power button. However, for some reasons, Apple has removed this feature on the fourth beta release.

  • New Keyboard Sound

There is an updated keyboard sound. This feature was first added in the first beta release but it was removed in the second, and only brought back in beta 4. However, the sound is more different from itself in the first beta.

  • Faster Folder Animations

Folder animations are now faster on iOS 10 beta 4, it makes iOS feel quicker to use.

  • Accessibility


Apple has made the accessibility easier with different color options when using filters. The color grid in Color Filters has been replaced by a group of colorful pencils. Just head to Settings > General >Accessibility, and then select Color Filters. It will show how the colors will be displayed when the accessibility option is activated.

  • Control Center


Control Center has a new interface from iOS 10 beta version, and now Apple has added a new feature, called splash page. It shows users how to access Music Controls, notifications, and more things, just by swiping.

  • Wallpapers


Some iOS 10 wallpapers have been removed and older wallpapers have been brought back. Apple has re-added the mountain-and-stars wallpaper that was removed from iOS 8.

  • Home


Inside the Home section of Control Center, the app icons have been tweaked again.

  • Notification Center


The date widget has returned to its place inside the Notification Center widget from beta1. Just swipe to the right to access the notifications from the lock screen to show the date widget.

Above are some new changes on the iOS 10 beta 4 version. If you find newer features, leave your comment below. For those who want to install the forth beta version of iOS 10, click here for more details.

Link download firmware iOS 10 beta 4:


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