WhatsApp for tablet is now available in Play Store

WhatsApp for tablet is now available in Play Store

Great news for WhatsApp fans! If you are the person who has already signed up for Whatsapp’s beta program will now be the lucky ones when you can install WhatsApp on your tablets. Before, it was necessary to download & install the APK file to enjoy the pleasure of communicating through one of the most widely used message apps.

For now, beta testers simply open the Google Play Store and you can be able to chat from your devices with all of your contacts. However, you should note that since WhatsApp does not work like Telegram, so you cannot have the same account on two devices at the same time. If your WhatsApp account is being opened on your Android tablet, you cannot use it on your smartphone.

Those who were not a beta tester, you should not worry. If you still want to use WhatsApp on your tablet, don’t worry, you can still do so. In this post, we tell you how to download the app.

Use the tablet as an additional screen

You have already got WhatsApp on your phone but you also want to use it on your tablet,  the easiest solution out there, which works on both iPads as well as Android tablets is WhatsApp Web.

But, how can we get from using WhatsApp on the computer to using on the tablet? Although WhatsApp Web is released to work as a desktop client, it is a web client, so you can ráily run on the desktop version of your device’s browser. First, click on the link below:

  • Switch to the desktop version by tapping on the three dots icon and choosing Request desktop site. A QR code will show up on your tablet.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your tablet, tap on the settings icon and choose WhatsApp Web.
  • This will start up a QR Code scanner and you need to scan the QR Code in the browser of your tablet.
  • You can now use the WhatsApp on your tablet with WhatsApp Web.

There is only a caveat when the WhatsApp session is bound to the battery life of your device. If the battery runs out, WhatsApp will also disconnect. The web client is a mirror of what is on your tablet.

Use WhatsApp as a standalone app

If you are not satisfied with the WhatsApp Web workaround, here is another way to install WhatsApp on your Android tablet. When searching for the app in Google Play Store on your tablet, you will be prompted that your table isn’t compatible with this version.  Here’s what to do in this case:

  • Download WhatsApp APK file from this link. You will see an inverse ordered list with the latest version at the top. It seems that there are daily updates to fix the existing bugs. So, you should download the newest version here.
  • Since you’ve downloaded the app from a third party source, you will not receive updates automatically via the Play Store, and you will need to check back through the link above to get the latest WhatsApp version.
  • Now, tap on “Download APK” button to start downloading the app.
  • Once you download the WhatsApp APK file onto your device, you need to make sure your system allows installing apps from unknown sources. At times, malware will infect your smartphone or tablet, so it’s essential to note that you only download APKs from reliable sources.

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  • Now, all you need is to allow the installation from unknown sources for the WhatsApp APK. However, once WhatsApp is installed, remember to return and enable the security setting again to prevent unexpected vulnerability.
  • After you change the settings, open your download folder and tap on the APK file to install it.
  • Wait until the process to complete, simply open the app.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, you’ll be welcomed by an error message, telling you that your device is not supporting. Do not worry, just tap on OK to switch with the next steps.

  • You will now be asked for entering the mobile phone number. Honestly, you can use any phone number that you have the access, even your landline number if you still have one.
  • But there is the only thing you should note here that you will receive a call or text through that number. So, if you end up using your landline number, there will be a warning that WhatsApp couldn’t send the automatic text message for confirmation.
  • Remember: DO NOT use a fake phone number that you don’t have the access.
  • Now, tap Call me so that WhatsApp can dictate the activation code to you. You can also opt to receive the code through SMS if you prefer.

  • WhatsApp will now start listing all your contacts, it only shows the ones that are associated with the number, which is used to set up WhatsApp with on your Android tablet. If you use your real number, then you don’t encounter any problem.
  • If you used a different number on your phone, the workaround is to sync all your smartphone contacts with your tablet with the same Google Account.
  • Note that your contacts will likely not recognize your number at first since you are using a new number. You should let your contacts know that it’s you, so they will not block you as a WhatsApp scammer.

Here is how to install WhatsApp on Android tablets. If you feel this post useful, please share it with your friends or social networks. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.


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