When will Windows 10 be released?

When will Windows 10 be released?

According to the latest leaks, Windows 10 will have its release date in the UK at the end of July.

The operating system, which will succeed Windows 8, has been highly anticipated for quite a while now. Microsoft had already stated they plan to release the programme in “the summer” but had not been more specific than that.

Windows 10, which was announced in April, will be the last ever version of the Windows operating programme, Microsoft previously confirmed.

Previous versions of the system had used different operating systems across various platforms, however with windows 10 there will be only one (for computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, the Xbox games consoles and even the yet to be released HoloLens). It is thought that Windows 10 will also be able to manage appliances and devices around the users home.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Windows 10? Or are you all Mac lovers out there? I don’t know about you, but what sticks with me here is the fact that it will be the Final version if Windows. I get all nostalgic and choked up about the idea.

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