Where To Buy iPhone XS/XS Max In The US

Where To Buy iPhone XS/XS Max In The US

A few days ago, the iPhone was only available from Apple Stores or from AT&T carrier. But today, the two new iPhone XS and XS Max are careered by all major carriers as well as retailers, and many of them are offering special deals for customers. Of course, there is always an option for you to purchase directly from Apple, either online or offline.

If you haven’t yet placed an order for an iPhone Xs or Xs Max, here is the list of the deals and promotions offered by retailers and carriers so that you can make up your mind.

Apple Store

Best deals

There are not currently any promotions for iPhone Xs/Xs Max from Apple right now. However, it’s only a few places if you want to grab an unlocked iPhone Xs or Xs Max, and it’s the ideal place to join the iPhone Upgrade Program. The delivery date for delivery is estimated to be better than carriers right now, so your pre-order will arrive sooner.

Reasons to buy iPhone here

If you want to be one of the people that can own a new Apple product latest, the Apple Store is the best way to help you do that. You have a lot of queries and you need the help for setup, Apple Store employees will be helpful, accurate.

If you intend to buy a new iPhone with the iPhone Upgrade Program, it requires to do at the Apple Store or in Apple Store iOS app.

If you want to grab the latest iPhone every year, the iPhone Upgrade Program is a great place for deals. While you need to pay off your iPhone in 24 monthly installments, you can easily swap for a new iPhone after every 12 months. There is also Apple Care+ included inside.

Reasons not to buy here

If you are planning to switch carriers, purchasing directly from the carrier would be a better bargain. From time to time, carriers may offer several deals, though you have to accept some sort of long-term commitment. The best deals from carriers are for new line activations and transfers.


Best deals

Although the iPhone Xs & Xs Max is not available from Amazon at all yet, it will stay there soon.

Why you should buy a new iPhone from here

Amazon does not often have deals on the latest iPhones, but it’s still a good place to get a deal on an older refurbished model.

Why you shouldn’t buy here

I know you don’t usually buy a phone directly from Amazon, rather through a reseller. You should know that most of the iPhones on Amazon are certified refurbished products, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not an ideal place if you are looking for a brand new model.

Best Buy

You will have a chance to get a Best Buy gift card worth up to $275 from Best Buy if you bring your current iPhone to a Best Buy store and then trade it in for a new iPhone Xs or Xs Max. You, of course, still get the trade-in value of your iPhone.

You can also take advantage of the “buy one get one for $700 off” deal on Verizon, and Sprint’s offer also provides a big credit toward monthly installment payments for new customers if they are trading in their current iPhone. However, those require activation on Verizon/Sprint, as well as an enrollment in their monthly payment plans.

Why you should buy from Best Buy

Best Buy iPhone deals will come in two forms: A decent-sized gift card or a discount on a new iPhone with the activation of a new line and payment in monthly installments. It’s quite similar to purchasing a phone from a carrier and it’s only worthwhile if you don’t care about long-term commitment.

If you plan on purchasing a new iPhone XS/XS Max through Best Buy, make sure to compare its discounts with other retailers as well as carriers. The best deal can be different, depending on the time you look.

Why you shouldn’t buy here

If you don’t about money and just want an inactivated, unlocked iPhone XS/ XS Max, you shouldn’t buy it here. While Best Buy used to be one of a few retailers selling a SIM-free, you need to sign up with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint carrier. If you’re currently a T-Mobile customer, Best Buy is not the retailer for you.


You will receive a maximum credit of up to $41.67 from Sprint carrier toward your monthly payments if you plan on trading in your old iPhone. That’s enough for a monthly payment free if you grab a 64GB iPhone Xs and only $4.17 for a 64GB iPhone Xs Max.

Reasons to buy it here

Sprint is always offering a good deal for an iPhone Xs or Xs Max which just costs a little money if you are willing to trade in your current phone. You can check their website or visit a Sprint store to get the full breakdown. It’s a really good deal if you accept your phone to be locked to Sprint carrier for at least 18 months.

The deals will be better for new customers or those who are adding new lines. Although you can still get a discount if you are currently a Sprint customer, the deals aren’t quite as good.


T-Mobile is offering a credit of up to $300 if you are willing to trade your old iPhone for a new iPhone XS/XS Max, and you purchase it on a 24-month installment plan. iPhone 7 or later models in good condition costs $300, while iPhone 6S or 6S Plus is priced at $200, and all earlier iPhone models are worth $100.

Why you should buy here

There seems not have any tricks hiding in this deal. It doesn’t require you to add a new line and purchase two phones. It’s only valuable to those who want to be a T-Mobile customer for a couple of years since you are required an enrollment in a monthly payment plan for the new iPhone Xs/ Xs Max.

If you are using an old iPhone 4, you can still get $100 worth of credit for it, which is higher than you get it selling yourself.

Why you shouldn’t buy here

$300 isn’t a huge break when compared to the deals from other carriers. Moreover, it’s not a straight $300, instead, it’s just $300 worth of bill credit, and is applied to your 24-month purchase plan. You only receive $12.50 knocked off each monthly payment.

Here are some places that you can purchase iPhone Xs or Xs Max with good deals. Let’s know in the comment below.


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