You can now Shoot RAW photos on your iPhone

You can now Shoot RAW photos on your iPhone

The DxO One it’s tiny camera that attaches to the iPhone’s Lightning port and shoots RAW images with a 20.2 MP one-inch CMOS BSI sensor and an an f/1.8 32mm lens. The  DxO One can shoot withoug being connected to your  iPhone, but when connected and the DxO app launched, it turns the iPhone into a large viewfinder with very similar controls usually found on a DSLR.

DxO-ONE-camera-for-smartphones DxO-ONE-camera-with-1-inch-sensor

The camera stores RAW photos on its own microSD,bur also it sends JPEGs to the attached iOS device so you can share them to your favorite social network. For low-light places, the camera has the Super RAW feature that shoots four different RAW photos of varying exposures and merges them.

Even though the iPhone’s camera is pretty good as – Apple likes to advertise-,  some photographers want more!  The DxO One might be the solution! The One is really small and fits in your pocket but with a $599 price tag is not cheap! The camera is available for pre-order now and will ship in September.

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