You now can pre-order Google Wi-Fi routers starting at 129 USD

You now can pre-order Google Wi-Fi routers starting at 129 USD

Back in October, Google unveiled the new Google Wi-Fi routers along with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Google Wi-Fi routers act as a replacement for the OnHub, but in different use case. Google has just announced that Google Wi-Fi routers are now available for pre-order at Google Store site. Google Wi-Fi will be available in two options including a single 129 USD router for apartments and small homes, and a 299 USD bundle of three.


Google Wi-Fi router can create a strong network throughout your home by using multiple routers scattered around. Besides, you can easily control the router using your smartphone and stop access from a specific person. According to Google, one Google Wi-Fi router can cover up to 1.500 square feet of wireless connectivity, much stronger than most consumer-grade routers in the market. One more thing is that Google Wi-Fi will handle things like traffic routing to optimize speeds.

Noticeably, Google Wi-Fi comes with Google’s Network Assist software that works to make sure that the fastest connection is always running throughout your home, along with allowing you to transition between Wi-Fi signals easily. Besides, there is also a Google Wi-Fi app that lets you share your local network passwords with your friends and control your kids.

From now on, you can pre-order Google Wi-Fi routers at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy with shipments expected to hit in December. The new routers are now available in the US only.

This year, apart from Google Wi-Fi, the biggest search engine on Earth released Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which mark the first smartphones carrying Google’s name. Besides, Google also launched its Youtube app for kids in India. Earlier this week, Google released update 4.0 for its Google Play Newsstand. One of the most noticeable products Google has released so far is Google Assistant, its own virtual assistant that challenges Apple Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

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