Youtube Analytics reveals some intresting music facts

by Jonathan Cronk | June 7, 2015 9:18 PM

I heard about this and had to share it with you… Youtube’s new analytics tool has revealed some surprising secrets in the world of music! 
The tool, called Music Insight, was designed to help the artists see plan tours and try to target their biggest fan bases. It allows them to see how much streaming their music has received in certain territories. 
Let me share just a few of the findings with you.
Ed Sheeran, as you know, is very popular in the UK and the US… But his third biggest streaming fan base? The Philippines! Who would have known? 
His videos have been streamed there nearly 180 million times since September 2014. 
Bruce Springsteen is more popular in London than New York! The rock legend comes from New Jersey and talks a lot about his roots in his music so this one surprised us! 
One little fact that may be less surprising for some is that the Beatles have notched up nearly 200 million more plays of their music than the Rolling Stones… And individually within the band, Paul McCartney trumps John Lennon! 

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