YouTube brings 60fps support to Android and iOS

YouTube brings 60fps support to Android and iOS

YouTube has finally brought support for 60 frames-per-second videos on iOS and Android.

YouTube already supports 60fps on desktop and laptops and the same feature is now available on smartphones (iOS & Android). Additionally, 60fps YouTube is also available for Apple TV and the PlayStation 3 & 4 consoles. Google has also added support for 60fps on 4K videos.

The higher rate support appears to have been done on YouTube via a server update, so you don’t need to update your app to check out the new quality settings, just select the higher frame rate from your app (if the video is available at 60 fps).

The new feature will make many games happy due to the fact that most games are running in higher frame rate than 24, which the majority of videos are recorded.

It seems that the 60fps replaces the 30fps, so if a video is available at the higher rate, YouTube will play it with that and you are unable to select the lower rate, if you prefer to.

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