Zestia- Alternative tool for Cydia on non-jailbreak iOS devices

Zestia- Alternative tool for Cydia on non-jailbreak iOS devices

If you are a person in iOS jailbreak community and use Cydia for any length of time, you will be aware of the importance and benefits of jailbreaking iOS devices. However, Apple Apple is constantly finding ways of stopping jailbreaking by intervening on both hardware and updates of iOS. It is no fun when you have to use a non-jailbreak iOS version. There are, however, ways to get a bit of the jailbreak and Cydia experiences without going through all of the hoop-jumping that can sometimes be required in order to get a full jailbreak, and Zestia is one of those typical ways.


Zestia- a perfect alternative for Cydia in non-jailbreak iOS devices

Although Zestia is not quite similar to the real Cydia, it (previously known as X-Cydia) is still the best alternative to stock iOS for some users. In this article, we will instruct you how to install Zestia on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Step 1: Use Safari browser, log in zestia.lmdinteractive.com on your iOS device and tap Install Zestia.

Like the screenshot below


Step 2: Tap Install Zestia on the Profile page and enter your PIN if requested.



Step 3: Tap Install once more times and finally, Done.


Step 4: Press the Home button and you will find a new Zestia icon on your Home screen. Open that.

Step 5: In Zestia, choose the app you would like to install and follow the steps to complete installing. It is self explanatory and not at all dissimilar to using the App Store.


Step 6: Launch the Settings app, then tap General, choose Profile, and finally tap the app’s name app you have just installed.



Step 7: Tap the Trust option 2 times and then tap Trust again on the modal box that appears afterwards.


Step 8: Run your newly downloaded app!


Zestia will offer you apps that would never appear in the App Store, but there will have some limitations because this is only temporary solution for non-jailbreak iOS devices. In general, it is still a best choice for users.

Above are the instructions to install Zestia for your iOS devices. If you get any troubles, please leave your comments below.

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